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Testimonials: Testimonials

Having Dionne as a coach has been life changing and I cannot recommend her more highly. She puts her all into her clients, supporting you to achieve your goals both inside and outside the gym. Whilst pushing you to continually strengthen, grow physically and become fitter, Dionne remains conscious and aware of your greater needs and where you’re at in life, ensuring that your workouts are boosting you and not draining your energy. Training becomes about so much more than just the aesthetics and Dionne helps you to achieve strength and balance across all areas of life. Throughout some physical injuries and stressful life situations, Dionne has adjusted my workouts accordingly and enabled me to have training as a constant outlet and something that fuels me. I’m so grateful to have found such an experienced and knowledgeable coach that is able to support me in the way Dionne does. If you’re thinking about looking for a coach, look no further!


The night before I went to see Dionne for the first time, I was so nervous I couldn’t sleep. I had always been embarrassed in the gym with no idea what to do. But with a year until my wedding and a long way off my goal, I had to get going. Dionne taught me how to exercise properly, built up my strength gradually and got me to my goal, feeling body confident for the first time in my life. 
Since then Dionne trained me throughout my pregnancy, keeping me moving and feeling good and now trains me and my husband together. 
Dionne is not only a fantastic trainer but a kind and caring person who makes you feel confident in the gym. I always walk out of her studio feeling better about myself than when I walked in.


I’ve been working with Dionne for over 12 months and she has been instrumental in keeping me focused and improving everyday since having my second baby.

At six months post-natal I had reached my pre-(first!)-baby weight and I have never felt stronger.

Her approach and programming is expert, supportive and incredibly motivating. I could not recommend Dionne more.


Dionne has 360 knowledge when it comes to personal training. She helped me get into the best shape ahead of my wedding day and most recently helped me get back to full fitness after the birth of my little boy. Her knowledge on post and pre natal training gave me the confidence and reassurance that I could push myself to new levels with every session. I’d recommend Dionne all day long!


I couldn’t recommend post natal training with Dionne highly enough. I started training in a small post natal group with friends from my antenatal classes. We focussed on rehabilitation, pelvic floor, range of movement and slowly rebuilding strength. I now do one on one as well and that is like my sacred me time every week. Dionne is like a PT, mentor and life coach all built into one. She has a special knack with new mums, having been through it herself and so I feel investing that time into rebuilding my body has actually also really benefitted my mind.


I went to Dionne as a complete beginner. Besides for walking to the bus I didn't do any exercise. I had a holiday coming up and so I wanted to get more 'toned' and stronger. I was quite nervous before my first session but Dionne put me right at ease. Over the next couple of months I built up my strength and saw positive changes in my body. Dionne also gave me nutrition advice which was really needed. For someone who laughed every time I was asked if I ever exercised, I now move or train in some every single day and I am loving my new lifestyle! I give Dionne all the credit for motivating me and making our sessions really enjoyable. Thank you!


I had the pleasure of being trained by Dionne post-natally after my second child. 
We worked remedially on aches and pains so when I left I always felt stronger and in less discomfort than when I arrived.

Dionne's phenomenal 360 service blew me away. The nutrition advice; the WhatsApp check-ins pre and post session; the additional bespoke exercise plans for me to do at home, the referral to personal recommendations for specialist support (pelvic floor physiotherapists, osteotherapists and should I need it, pretty much anything that could be helpful post-natally, including massage therapists, psychologists, nutritionists etc).
This made me feel incredibly supported, that Dionne was really on my team and would do what it took to bring me back to my “normal”, even if that meant missing a session to give my body a rest when I needed it. 
As the dust settles on life with two kids, I find myself wishing I had the pleasure of training with her after my first. Thank you Dionne!


Testimonials: Testimonials
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